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Pearl Care


Always put your pearls on last when getting dressed to avoid contact with lotions, hair spray products or perfumes.  Store seperately from other jewelry in a soft case and only clean them with a "Pearl Cleaner". Have your pearls inspected every six months for wearing or thinning silk.

Jewelry Care Tips

  • Have your jeweler clean and inspect your jewelry every six months to look for loose settings, worn prongs, faulty links etc. 

  • Do not wear jewelry in swimming pools, hot tubs or salt water

  • A prong that is loose, worn or catches on fabric may cause a stone to fall out of its setting.  Have your jeweler check the piece immediately.

  • When not wearing your jewelry, place each item in a seperate soft compartment so it doesn't become scratched or tangled. 

  • Avoid heavy blows to your diamond- they can chip if struck at the right angle.

  • Insure your jewelry to assure that you can replace it if lost, stolen or damaged.

  • Take off jewelry before sleeping!

  • Clean jewelry at home with a jewelry cleaner intended for the item; precious jewelry cleaner, silver jewelry cleaner or pearl cleaner

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